Goldkey Medicine Man


Yet again, Mojo has impressed a UK breed specialist!! At the September 2004 championship show of the Golden Retriever Club of NSW, Ms Lyn Walker from "GLOI" Kennels in the UK, Mojo was awarded INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW!!

Lyn Walker's critique of Mojo:

"Won here on overall balance. Good bone and a straight front. Head has good breadth of skull and muzzle. A good reach of neck leads to well angulated shoulders and upper arm. He has a good depth and spring of rib and a good bend of stifle."

Sire: Kaparla Loch Swede

Dam: Goldtreve Song N Dance


D.O.B. 29 July 2002

Hip score of 3:2=5 ; elbows 1:0
Clear eye and heart certificates


An exciting member of our Goldkey family is “Mojo”. He is a young dog of outstanding type, with a lovely outline. He is soft and gentle, but still loves a good rumble with his family! He would love to get through the paddock gates to chase the rabbits, but has to be content with chasing birds instead!

Mojo is doing very well in the show-ring , particularly under specialist breed judges. He won a large class at the Golden Retriever Club NSW show in Sept 2003, winning Opposite Junior In Show. A year later, he's done it again! This time, under Ms Lyn Walker of Gloi Kennels in the UK, Mojo went one better and won "Intermediate In Show"!

Moj has recently produced 5 lovely litters of puppies.

Mojo has developed a beautiful head, reminiscent of his dad. He continues to be very laid-back, but often walks around holding a dolly, growling, whining and talking to all who will notice his treasure! Just like his mum!

“Headed this class because of his movement. Medium gold dog. Typical teenager - a little light in body but the frame is there to build on. Showing correct angles fore and hind. Good length of neck and level topline. Moved with animation.”
- Mr Fred Hayton (UK) - Judge