Goldkey Gallery

Tango   Best Mates!   Tango with Pauline!

go away - I'm sleeping (Tango)        Best mates - Tango & Pagan                      Tango & her treasured "Pauline"


I just walked in and found it like this ...... honest!!                        I do love a good tail to pull!

                     (Harley Cook)



Goldkey dogs in a Telstra ad    Nope - we didn't do it! Chase & Evie       Mojo ready to chase the ducks!


           one of Evie's babies                Teal & her babies - one day old!          Goldkey Waltzing Matilda

                                                                                                                  in a Poliform kitchen ad


            Evie - Oops! Sprung!                         What IS this thing? Can I eat it?          Chase watching the Olympic swimming