Goldkey Mountain Ash


On July 3, 2010 our beloved Ash, at the age of 14, left for Rainbow Bridge.

A true gentleman, Ash was a dog of great dignity and endless affection. He had wonderful manners and his gentle, loving nature was a constant reminder of why a Golden Retriever is classed as

"the angel of the dog world".

His place in the lives of Steve and Geoff (and his "Ma") can never be filled. How proud I am to have had the honour of being part of Ash's life.

A breeder can ask for no better legacy.

Rest In Peace, Ashman. You're in our hearts forever.

A life well lived and well loved.

Ash Sire: Oaklodge Oliver

Dam: Goldkey Winter In Eden

D.O.B. 15 March 1996

Hip score 4:6=10



Ash is living the life of Riley, as a pampered family pet with my brother in Canberra. He goes for 2 runs a day by the lake and is a favourite with all the neighbourhood. He is an adored member of the family and a great joy to live with. He is capable of bringing a smile to every face he meets, with his wonderful attitude and gentle nature. At 13 and a half he has slowed up a little, but still bounces around when the word "walk" is mentioned! Ash keeps in regular contact with his "Ma", sending cards and emails to let me know he is well and happy!!