SIRE: CH. Fantango Backstage Pass

DAM: Goldkey Chasing Rainbows

DOB: 25 March 2012

*** GREAT NEWS !!! ***

Inca's hereditary tests are back! We are SSOO proud to announce his tests are:

HIP SCORE  1:0=1             ELBOWS 0:0



Inca is the calmer of the two puppies. While his sister is a mad-woman and runs around like crazy, Inca takes life easier and at a much slower pace! He is a real gentleman and whilst he does like to spend time cuddling on the lounge, he will carefully step up instead of launching himself from a distance!

He and Misty just love each other and play constantly. He tends to watch from a distance while she excavates huge holes and will try to steal her dollies at every opportunity while she isn't looking. He has a classic "Golden" temperament - gentle, affectionate and playful.


In the showring, he is having success after success. At the age of 7 months he won his first challenge, gaining 10 points towards his title. By the age of 9 months, he had 7 Baby and Minor Puppy in Group awards and 5 sweepstakes wins. He and Misty almost take turns in beating each other! But whilst Misty is deciding whether or not to stand still, Inca is at this stage much better behaved and tends to beat his sister on the move.


This was such an exciting litter and both puppies are receiving very positive comments from judges and fellow exhibitors. They are showing great promise!


November 2015

Great promise indeed! Inca gained his Australian Champion title in the space of just 4 months. He lives with my brother and his partner in Canberra and spends most of his time either running around by the lake or being waited on hand and foot as a much adored family pet. He had been 2 years out of the showring and he matured into a magnificent young dog. We thought it would be worth showing him again and he did us proud, winning multiple Best Of Breeds and classes in group. He gained enough points for his championship in just over 4 months - we were very proud that he hadn't forgotten how to strut his stuff!!


           6 weeks old                                    10 weeks old                                   yep mum, she's off again! 



rumbling with my sister while mum supervises         in the showring              20 months - a magnificent head!    



     such a handsome man, with a typical, melting "golden" expression!