SIRE: CH. Fantango Backstage Pass

DAM: Goldkey Chasing Rainbows

DOB: 25 March 2012

*** GREAT NEWS !!! ***

Misty's hereditary tests are back! We are SSOO proud to announce her tests are:

HIP SCORE  1:1=2             ELBOWS 0:0


To have 2 puppies from the same litter have such fantastic scores is wonderful! Misty's hips are 2 and her brother Inca's are 1. Something to be very proud of ...

Misty is a holy terror! She has a black spot right on the end of her tongue - we refer to it as "the mark of the devil"!!! Her attitude to life is to play hard and win over everyone possible! She is outgoing, passionate about people and just LOVES to dig holes! She loves lying in the clamshell pool and will stay there for hours! While her enthusiasm can be a bit trying at times there is no denying that she has a sensational temperament and loves life.

In the showring, she has made a name for herself right from the start. She is extremely focused and just loves being in the ring. She does find it hard to keep her feet still but is learning! She has a few sweepstakes and group wins from Baby and Minor Puppy classes.


When she finally decides to co-operate she will be a wonderful companion in the ring! At home she likes nothing better than to be on the nearest lap. The fact that she launches herself onto said lap from a metre or so away is a bit surprising at first but when she snuggles up and rests her head on your shoulder, all is forgiven!




We are THRILLED to announce that Misty gained her AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP title! She absolutely loves being in the show-ring! She continues to be extremely focused and her movement is outstanding. Her head is quite strong for a girl and is not necessarily her best point!! However her body and her movement are excellent and she shows herself off beautifully! As of November 2015 she has amassed almost 500 challenge points.

She still is the class clown, and tries desperatly hard NOT to dig, jump in the water buckets and eat the beds. But sometimes being sensible is just too hard!!

           6 weeks old                              10 weeks old                          chilling in the yard with Willow


      rumbling with my brother Inca !              winning Minor Puppy in Group at the age of 7 months



            how I like to spend my summer days    

what do you mean, the lounge is for people??? I'm a people!